Our Story

The idea was simple, to make big sound

The dream was to create a standalone device that would be able to produce a multi-channel output and could feed directly to loudspeakers. Something suitable for all kinds of live music performances – whether it be in Madison Square Gardens or the local coffee shop. Inspired by a love of music and complemented by a wealth of experience as chief sound engineers and scientists, this dream became a reality and the Revolution was born.

The pioneering idea

The vision started with a guitar amp but along the way has evolved into something much more: a pocket-sized portable device with the ability to bring together and mix multiple artists to produce a 3D sound field that is then delivered to the speakers. Using a technology platform developed by Audio Instrument and known as Octotron, The Octophon Revolution provides a 3D output for live music with zero delay in either Aziphonic, Quadrophonic or Octaphonic.

Far from a guitar amp, The Octophon Revolution is a live music mixing machine – a whole new audio experience.