perfection in sound




  OCTOTRON sound technology used to produce revolutionary audio performance instruments:





BOTH truly unique new instruments for anyone who makes sound or music

Experience live multi-dimensional sound    Each model is a professional muliti-channel audio processing and mixing.device.

Furnished effects processing is both traditional and also octaphonic, which is used to enhance the live 7.1 like experience

Planet B is a ruggedized version with internal amplification and professional interfaces

Revolution has a sleek metal case that fits into a large pocket easily, no internal amps.


Amplification and Companion technology

Three external boost power amplifier unit choices provide 25W, 250W, and 2kW

Loudspeakers selected from three power stages link to the air, like never before



Planet B without it's dual knobs

 Planet B, octaphonic version, prior to dual-concentric knob installation